What Is the Bedale Group?

16 02 2007

An unassociation for the UK Adobe ecosystem. If you’re a software or services company that specialises in Adobe platforms I would be very interested to hear from you. The idea is to create an occasional forum to drink wine and discuss what Adobe needs to do to sustain and improve its engagement with the local corporate developer community. We certainly don’t aim to compete with the UK Flash User Group or anything – we’re primarily targeted at organisations rather than individual developers although I want Tink onboard.




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16 02 2007
James Governor’s Monkchips » Announcing a UK Adobe unassociation: The Bedale Group

[…] interested please register here or just leave a comment at […]

16 02 2007
Henry Blythe

It’s a great idea James and I will put the word out to the guys I know who have been working in the Adobe Livecycle space in the last few years. Given our speciality in SAP & Adobe together I might even see if a SAP bod can be tempted along….

16 02 2007

How can i refuse with my name in the post above, on the original post, and the comment on my site.

Look forward to meeting up again!

16 02 2007
Aral Balkan

Sounds interesting, James. Do keep me updated.

17 02 2007
Matthias Zeller

Since I am not living in the UK and also do not work for an Adobe ISV partner (but for Adobe) I cannot join 😦
But I certainly am very interested in the feedback to Adobe. Just added this Blog to Google Reader.
Arch Consulting has done great work in rolling out SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe in the UK! And we are still at the beginning… I think eventually every SAP customer will use Interactive Forms (even if it takes 10 years given SAP upgrade cycles). The second frontier are RIA’s developed with Flex on top of an SAP backend. Expect significant increase of activities this year.

19 02 2007
Niklas Richardson


This look really interesting.

Having worked with Adobe (formally Macromedia (formally Allaire)) products since 1995, and been an Adobe (formally Macromedia (formally Allaire)) partner since 1999 I have certainly seen the involvement and support for partners (ISVs) drop considerably. Things seem to be improving slightly, but I still think there is a way to go. When we decided to heavily invest in Flex 1.0 as a technology to sell to our clients, we felt that Macromedia could have done a lot more to support us and help sell this into our clients. As I said, things seem to be changing now with support for ISVs involved with Flex 2.0, but there is quite a way to go if you compare what Microsoft will do to get ISVs involved with their RIA technology.

So, all in all, it’d be good to meet some other ISVs and hear about their experiences.

20 02 2007
Andy Gardner

It’s a fine idea and I look forward to blogging with you guys. We’ve been thrashing away in the SAP Interactive form space for 3 years now and I can tell you it’s not been an easy game to play! Customers are a bit scared of this stuff, truth be told, or many don’t even realise they’ve got the technology in the box…

But I think that things are now looking up – lots of energy coming from Edgar Jager in Adobe [http://flex.typepad.com/emeaforms/ ] – so this could be the breakthrough year…

Anyone interested in geeky stuff such as IF forms inside SAP Records Management, or the finer points of webdynpro, get in touch.

1 05 2007

Niklas – i have been a bit remiss with this. do you an email or blog address so i can contact you for the second meeting?

welcome aboard andy.

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