Claiming Technorati

27 06 2007

I am lame. Must update this blog regularly. Claiming my profile. Technorati Profile


Calling Organisations Building To Adobe: meeting 1

16 03 2007

Wow. I have been crazy busy of late, and not drumming the Bedale Group rhythm very hard. Which is a bit risky given the inaugural meeting is next week – March 20th, starting 6:30pm, at Bedales Wine Shop in Spitalfields Market Near Liverpool Street.

I am hoping to see anyone that wants to build applications or services on Adobe platforms as a commercial proposition. That is, services firms, ISVs or SaaS types, rather than grassroots or enterprise developers. Organisations that are looking for corporate support from Adobe as an ISV program. People targeting Apollo Applications. People integrating with Livecycle. You are all welcome.

There will be some nice wine to drink.

Inaugural Meeting of The Bedale Group March 20th

27 02 2007

I have been talking to folks and Henry Blythe (Arch), Richard Leggett (AKQA) and Andy Hood (AKQA) can all come along on the 20th. That’s close enough to a quorum for me. So block out your calendars Adobe community people. We now have a date to work towards.

What Is the Bedale Group?

16 02 2007

An unassociation for the UK Adobe ecosystem. If you’re a software or services company that specialises in Adobe platforms I would be very interested to hear from you. The idea is to create an occasional forum to drink wine and discuss what Adobe needs to do to sustain and improve its engagement with the local corporate developer community. We certainly don’t aim to compete with the UK Flash User Group or anything – we’re primarily targeted at organisations rather than individual developers although I want Tink onboard.